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Soliloquy of Craftsman

  Leather is the Romance of Humanity   Staff   Hiroyuki Ishikawa  

 I was originally from a shoe school, so I mainly made shoes. Today however, I make a wide range of products including not only shoes but also bags. I also not only make but service. 
 I think the appeal of shoes is "Romance." Leather has existed since the days when humans were hunting, and it will exist as long as humans eat the meat of animals. In other words, craftsmanship with leather represents "making history". Leather will continue to exist with people...  
One Point Advice
 Now, let's talk about "Mold", which is a problem of leather from the rainy season to summer. The key point of prevention are "Dirt" and "Humidity" measures.
 First, remove the dirt on leather products with a special brush. After wearing leather shoes, ensure you brush them every season before storing. However, we do not recommend storing shoes in the box in which they were bought. Rather, we recommend wrapping them in a well-ventilated non-woven fabric.
 If by any chance you get mold on leather, please never wipe with water! Wiping with water is the same as nourishing the mold... Instead it's best to wipe it off with a special cream or food alcohol. 

  Out of kindness with the endless charm of Leather...  Staff   Mayumi Hirayama  

 A customer once said me, "It's just your third year since joining the company? I thought it had been a longer time."
 Before joining the company, I had a chemical analysis job and ran a restaurant. When I was working at the restaurant, I met a Shoemaker who rode a large motorcycle and became interested in Leather craft. I also ride a motorcycle, so I like luxurious and solid leather goods. But I wanted was a leather product that was simple, not too heavy, and not available on the market. Therefore, I started to make wallets by myself. It's now been over 20 years.
  I have always loved craftsmanship and repairing/arranging clothes, I have tried various handmade things. Since I was kid the norm was, "Make my own things, if it breaks, fix it myself". For example, while reading the book, I tried to make a saddle bag and produced something that was convincing. After that, I went to a shoe making class, but my hobby was not enough. There I said, "I want to make more! I want to work as a hobby!" And here I am. 
  Leather is still an attractive material. The story begins when you buy leather goods, and long-term use gives an additional charm. Furthermore, if properly cared for and repaired, leather goods can be used for a long time and attachment will grow. Now I'm proud and happy about the work I can do. 
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