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About Leather

How are leather goods made? The process from animal to leather product, and the different types of leather we are part of the process.

 Episode 1  ~ Cowhide

 There are various types of leather that are used to make  leather products. Typical examples are Cowhide, Buffalo leather, Goat leather, Sheep leather and Pig leather. Each has different characteristics, but from among them, we will now introduce the relatively familiar Cowhide.

niten leather
niten leather

 Originally, cowhide was a by-product left by humans after eating beef. The leather around the stomach is fatty, and so it stretches easily and the fibers are rough. On the other hand, the part of the leather from the shoulder to the neck has many scratches from cows rubbing the fence of the ranch to drive away insects. However this is also a strong and valuable part.

 At the shop, we use the leather from the shoulder to the neck, and make the products with all our heart.
 Further, you can actually see various natural leathers in the store.
 Why not find your favorite Leather?

niten leather

 Episode 2  ~ Tanning

niten leather

 Leather tanning is a process that keeps animal skin from decaying. Leather is tanned after removing hair, unnecessary parts and any dirt.
 There are two types of tanning, "Tannin" and "Chrome".


 Tannin is combination of water-soluble compounds from plants and leather collagen to prevent spoilage.

  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Don't create reaction for those with Metal Allergies

  • Manufacturing takes Time and it is expensive
  • Limited protection against rain, which severely discolors and changes leather

niten products of shoes


niten products of bags

 Chrome combines chemicals and leather collagen to prevent spoilage.
  • Manufacture Time is Short
  • Finished leather has excellent Flexibility, Durability, Color   development
  • May cause metal allergic reaction
  ⇒Chrome is not suitable for products that touch bare skin, such as sandals

 We recommend "Tannin" Leather!
This is because "tannin" tanned leather Eco-Friendly and  Long-term use gives an additional Charm to the Leather.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions!
We recommend "Tannin" Leather!

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