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How to care for shoes


 First, use a soft horsehair brush to remove any sand and dust from the shoes.
 If you don't remove the all sand , it will scratch the leather surface when you polish using shoe cream.



 Next, use a cleaner to remove dirt, old shoe ink and also moisturize the leather.
 We recommend a honey waxed cleaner with a suitable cloth to wipe off the oil.



 Then choose a wax that is close to the color of leather and apply it to every corner with a hard brush of pig hair.

We recommend using waxes that are low in organic solvents to prevent curing during storage.



 After applying wax to the leather, gently rub it with a silk cloth. Apply it thinly and broadly so that the wax extends and leather gradually becomes glossy. 
 After polishing, put a wooden shoe keeper in the shoe and store it.


 Leather is the same as human skin, and if neglected it will become rough and discolored due to ultraviolet rays. The surface will also be easily scratched.
 If you clean the leather regularly, it will be more economical as the shoes last longer. An attachment is also born to shoes that protect the feet with the unique luster of leather.

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