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NITEN is a band that Japanese handmade shoe craftsmen think about SDGs "Responsible Consumption and Production".

"Japanese Culture" Rising Step

We have a unique culture of taking off your shoes when you go home and then rising up to the step.

It is considered very rude to wear dirty shoes outside and enter to the house.

High quality leather shoes that fit your feet  and can be enjoyed over time . Also it can be used for a long time with maintenance and repairs.

Japanese Culture

Why are so many shoes discarded?

20billion shoes are disposed of each year.


One reason is that it hurts to wear them.

Well, let's make shoes that don't hurt.

We don't make shoes that won't be worn.

Making only the ordered shoes is our proud ordering system.


How to order?

①For the first pair of shoes, the craftsman carefully measures the feet.


②From 400 wooden molds, our craftsmen will select the one that best suits your feet and make the shoes,

so you can experience the comfort of a fully custom-made shoes.

Choose your favorite color and type of leather.


③Delivery within 4months after receiving the order.

Order Made
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