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Repeater Interview

 Favorite History 7 years
Mr. Masayoshi Kikuchi

Niten Ichi-ryu Sohonpo is a shop that offers a wide range of leather products where you can easily drop by

 The reason why I became familiar with Niten Ichi-ryu Sohonpo was the Ichikawa Store. It was a store with a good atmosphere that was opened in the neighborhood and so I said, "Oh, I'll give it a try!" Originally, I liked leather products, so I was excited about the design and performance that I had never seen before (lol). Then I had a crush on the Three-WAY leather bag. It was cool and easy to use, but the main reason was that it was one-of -a kind. I said "If I don't buy it now, I can't get it anymore..." I bought it because I thought that. That bag is still use it frequently.
With his favorite bag in Nakayama Store

 I think that the good thing about this store is not only the products but also the "People." As well as selling products, as a leather goods specialist, they provide various services. Also, they willingly gave me consults when I visited the store. 
  The interviewer said "What is your next target product?" ー I said "I'm aiming for a Backpack, and their products are likely to increase at home." 

4_インタビュー_3 (1).jpg
The Three-WAY Leather Bag

He said "I am always happy with their polite service."

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