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Our products are a brand that any customer can use

The reason for that start-up was to create a shop where you can see us making products with your usability as our number one priority, and where you can also easily order them while you consult with us!

So in July 2008, we opened our first shop in the founder's home town.

We have our workshop and our shop in the same place, so...

If you are disabled or have foot problems, we create products with you that solve your problems with leather goods and that you can use with peace of mind. 

Please forgive the shop being a little dirty during the work.

Aiming to be a craftsman who can contribute to the city

We want to create a town where you can play all day and have fun, a town with character, etc.

So, we organise events that are a little different, we create shops that you look forward to visiting. Therefore, we really hope that we can contribute a town through such things, even if it is only in a small way.

We love using leather to make all kinds of things

We are always looking forward to your next order with them, and we are constantly improving our skills. And we don't just make things... we also repair leather goods.

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